When will David Beckham go away?

Beckham in PantsIf David Beckham were a rock star, he would be Robbie Williams: popular with the masses and always hogging the spotlight but doing so on the back of society’s superficial fixation rather than actual talent.

It seems every few weeks the story about where Beckham is going during the Major League Soccer close season rears its head (the BBC usually affording it top billing on their lowest common denominator Football home page).

When answering media questions on his future, it would be nice if he’d show some self-awareness and put the club that pay his massive salary first by suggesting that he is only concentrating on LA Galaxy and not getting bogged down with the far less important issue of getting to the World Cup with England.

Only it seems the most important thing to Beckham is to take centre stage at the World Cup in front of the world’s media given the general global indifference that accompanies his US career.

Beckham’s footballing skills can be subjectively debated forever (and I have steadfastly been underwhelmed for over a decade).  But it’s his self-indulgent Hollywood lifestyle, vulgar underwear adverts and vacuous, monotone rambling that has worn me down.

Will David Beckham ever truly go away or are we going to have to put up with him in the Sky studios on a Sunday afternoon telling us that everything is “good, ya know”?


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