Who is United’s biggest asset?

Is Wayne Rooney set to join Paul McGrath, Norman Whiteside, Jaap Stam, David Beckham, Roy Keane and Carlos Tevez in the discarded pile? That’s what today’s Independent is suggesting. It follows a difficult 15 months in his relationship with manager Alex Ferguson. Rooney flirted covertley with Manchester City in late 2010 following a reported fall […]

Beckham celebrity won’t fit at Tottenham

It was a relief to hear Harry Redknapp somewhat playing down the likelihood of David Beckham moving  to Tottenham for a few months. If it is a very short-term thing it can be a problem.  If we are only talking eight or nine games by the time we get him ready, it is a difficult […]

When will David Beckham go away?

If David Beckham were a rock star, he would be Robbie Williams: popular with the masses and always hogging the spotlight but doing so on the back of society’s superficial fixation rather than actual talent. It seems every few weeks the story about where Beckham is going during the Major League Soccer close season rears […]

Recommissioned: The David Beckham Story

Axe I don’t really have an axe to grind with occasional footballer David Beckham.  He seems a good family guy (leaving aside the Rebecca Loos shenanigans) and a pretty decent bloke.  However, it’s fair to say that David Beckham’s career has always been about David Beckham.   Man U There’s a fairly strong argument for him […]

Beckham is no Kaka

Yes, this is headline news. I wrote way back in June 1998 about Mr Beckham and the “overratedness” of the then-foetal brand.  I think time has gone on to show him to be the fourth best of the famous Man U midfield quartet behind Keane, Giggs and Scholes (in that order). In that ten year […]

Taking the first ‘E’ out of Aliadiere

TAKING THE FIRST “E” OUT OF ALIADIERE There’s an air of desperation in the, um, air, as middling players leave one middling club for another, revealing a middling gap at the initial middling club. One such example is the Human Pie-shaped gap left by Mark Fooduka at Middlingbrough. But Gareth Southgate is nothing if not […]

The Bottle of Becks

THE BOTTLE OF BECKS Comedian Rob Newman ridiculed former England manager Graham Taylor in the early ninties by assuming his comical accent and uttering “we mustn’t underestimate the Estonians”.  In response to his own character assassination the funnyman countered that we must underestimate the Estonians: send out slx players, not even wearing the proper kit […]

New characters set for grimy, northern soap opera

NEW CHARACTERS SET FOR GRIMY, NORTHERN SOAP OPERA The long-running soap opera Newcastle United FC may have been ignored once again at the recent British Soap Awards but major storyline twists could see it finally in the shake-up next season.  Gruff northener Big Sam has taken on day-to-day management of the football club while flash […]

The cream and the crap

What’s another year? An end of year celebration would not be complete without the customary ‘awards ceremony’. Goddle knows it’s been a fairly pathetic year for Spurs but there is more to football than Spurs thankfully, so I’ll have something slightly upbeat to write about in this issue. Premiership Awards 2000 Team of the year […]

Mad Dutch and Englishmen

Four to go… An obscene number of countries embarked on the 1998 World Cup road and only four remain. By this time next week the 1998 World Cup champions will be crowned. Brazil, Holland, France and Croatia are the challengers and the winners may be harder to predict that you might think. Four weeks ago […]