The Premier League Season Prediction Extravaganza – Part 3: The Mid-Table

Continuation from Part 1 and Part 2. 12 Queens Park Rangers I’m not all that taken with QPR or their over-confident manager, Mark Hughes. He left Fulham after a reasonable 12 months: “I hope the supporters and all those connected to the club will understand that as a young, ambitious manager I wish to move […]


Premier League Preview 2009/10 [Part 2]

Part two of my Premier League predictions.  Yawn, etc. 11th Fulham Last season: 7th Transfers in: Stephen Kelly (free, Birmingham), Bjorn Helge Riise (£2m, Lillestrom) Transfers out: Moritz Volz, Julian Gray (both released) I enjoyed Fulham’s charge to the UEFA Cup last season – even as a Tottenham fan who saw his team pipped at […]

Something for nothing

The post-Bosman transfer system is a complete boon for those club chairman horrified by the wages that average players command these days.  With June 30th heralding the end of many Premier League contracts, here are some available players that might interest thrifty managers. Jermaine Pennant (Right winger, released by Liverpool) I’ve never quite understood the […]

The Carlos Tevez Ruling Remixed

I was reading an article about today’s ruling in the Sheffield United v West Ham/Carlos Tevez affair and was interested to read several responses from the general public.  In a nutshell the issue was that Sheffield United were well clear of West Ham in the battle to stave off relegation until Carlos Tevez hit a […]

West Ham guilty, rubbish Tottenham and blind refs

As I write this blog in the company cafeteria, a long-haired techie is filling the otherwise-silent ambience with a string of confident babble about some multi-ring network stretching from Dublin to California via Virginia or something like that.  It’s all a bit of an exercise in self-satisfaction. A bit like the way this blog is […]

It’s Owen Hargreaves, not Jimmy Greaves

IT’S OWEN HARGREAVES, NOT JIMMY GREAVES Manchester United’s highly perceptive fans are renowned the world over for their accurate football analysis.  They have spent much of the last few years rightly denouncing their over-the-hill Premiership-winning manager, writing the club’s eptiaph after the Glazer takeover and correctly predicted that United would win nothing with the likes […]

Soccer is dramatic: the evidence!

I realise that football (or “soccer” as I’ve indentified it in the subject line for those more familiar with that tag) is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is widely recognised as the most popular sport in the world but it’s popularity is considered to be divided along the lines of geography, sex and class. […]