The Tim Sherwood Story

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” crowed Tim Sherwood – for days on end – in to the ear of chairman Daniel Levy, swapping the phrase “are we there yet” for “can I have the job”. Like any overworked parent, Daniel finally acquiesced, giving Tim the keys to the kingdom, keys he previously […]

Out with the old

Sell sell sell If you had have told me that Tottenham would spend the summer off-loading deadwood, I would have told you that lucid dreaming is as good as life will get for Spurs fans. But it’s true. Glenn Hoddle and ENIC have finally done what should have been done twelve months ago – sent […]

Season of wither

I’m back! After an eight month absence, I’m back with more half-baked ideas and non-sensical verbal sillyness. To think I missed nearly all of last season and now I’m going to have to play catch up. So what did I make of Tottenham’s tenth place finish in the Premiership last year? Last season It started […]