Five things: County, Sol, Wiley, Rafa, FIFA

Luvfooty brings you what we hope will be at least a new weekly feature where we make a brief analysis of five current football stories out there.  We’re good like that. 1. Notts County reveal the man who wasn’t there Pakistani businessman Anwar Shafi has denied any involvement with League Two side Notts County in […]

To Hull and Back

TO HULL AND BACK As the flood waters rose and then disappeared down the drains again, they left behind a little surprise package in Hull – none other than former Middlesbrough legend, Juninho. “Juninho was very impressed … and it’s obvious that Hull are gearing up to get into the Premier League,” bleated his agent […]

Style ain’t enough

The Rightful Place So ENIC have arrived, with chief executive and life-long Spurs fan, Daniel Levy, eager to return the club to it’s ‘rightful’ place. Where is that? Well it should probably be as a fairly stylish, European place-challenging, cup run-specialist side. The problem is that while this was a unique niche years ago, modern […]