Fantastic players versus the idiocy of the internet

Gareth Bale.  He’s very good you know.  He’s so good that one of the richest clubs in the world want to buy him for a world record fee.   It’s funny that for the longest time, football fans across England scoffed at the illustration of Bale as a superstar with charges of him being overrated […]

‘An ‘Apology to ‘Arry

Dogma. A settled or established opinion, belief, or principle. I had a dogmatic belief that Harry Redknapp was bad news for Tottenham.  I told you in October 2008, January 2009 and had a good go him and our flops after the embarrassment of a 2-3 League Cup defeat to Burnley.  By April 2009 I offered him a smidgen of credit but it […]

Spurs 2008/9: Evaluating the players

Performance Analysis I’m not going to bore you with some sort of unnecessary preamble.  I will simply say that Spurs have had an ok season and here’s what I think of each player’s individual performance. The scale I’ve rated all the players based on their performances through the season.  In a percentage of cases I […]

Redknapp – another failure for Spurs

There’s been no pretence on my part to like Harry Redknapp.  For me his tenure at Spurs is like giving a market trader a job at ‘Arrods.  In an earlier blog I lamented his appointment with observation such as “he’s crass, rarely takes a defeat on the chin without having a go at a referee […]

More on the Bore-batov saga

You’ll hear several different stories about what really happened on Saturday.  Some say that Dimitar Berbatov considered himself mentally unfit to play; others say that it was the manager who dropped him from the match day squad due to his attitude and state-of-mind. One thing is for sure, if Berbatov’s move to Manchester United does […]