Transitional season ahead as Levy padlocks the purse

Maybe the HP Touchpad fire sale taught Daniel Levy something in the last week: if you have stuff that no one wants then you have to practically give it away.  If Alan Hutton is the 16 gigabyte version (only available in white) – demanding a mere 3 million pounds for his poor application ecosystem – then […]

A powder puff team in the powder-blue kit

The fingers may point accusingly at Michael Dawson following his fifteen minute horror performance against Fulham this afternoon. But the seeds for the 0-4 thrashing (and the margin of victory was harsh on Fulham) were sown by Harry Redknapp’s game plan.  On paper the Spurs personnel looked strong – only Sandro has lacked playing time this […]

Five things: Schism, Jamie, James, Tony, Robbie

1. Rafa creates a schism Rafa Benitez is not going through anything right now that his peers haven’t already endured.  An historical look through the message boards and football websites will show many calls for the heads of Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger during their teams leaner days.  Manchester United went three seasons without a title […]

Keane and Berbatov: The Story So Far

Spurs fans were up in arms when Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov decided they could better themselves elsewhere this summer.  Indeed they were chosen by two of the most famous clubs in the world, Liverpool and Manchester United respectively. So for a combined outlay of over £50m, let’s see what the major players have gotten […]

Kaizer Chiefs v Man United

How hard can it be?  At least Michael Carrick might look useful. The Gareth Barry Mess The red tops have been ensuring that they have had something to write about this summer by updating us daily on the Rafalution.  Incase you fell asleep, here it is in a nutshell. Rafa winks at Gareth. Martin tells […]

All for one…

What price loyalty? What’s going on?  Lampard wants to walk out on Chelsea, Ronaldo feels Man United owe him after he won every title for them single-handedly, Robbie Keane has decided to go back on his desire to “finish his career with Spurs” and Emmanuel Adebayor – after a good half season – reckons he’s […]

Tottenham Transfer Window Round Up

As explained in the “about” page, I’m a Tottenham fan so occasionally there will be a “Tottenham-focus”.  Like right now.  Let’s take a peek at the top ten rumours surrounding players coming-and-going from White Hart Lane. Heading for the exit? Younes Kaboul (to Portsmouth, £6m) Kaboul became the fall guy last season – and with […]

Back to crazy pre-season transfer nonsense

Not that Keane I’ve never been a big fan of Rafa Benitez.  He’s your typical big-four manager: always moaning, blames referees for bad results and a bit of a spoofer.  The patchiness of his transfer record is up there with the best of them but while Wenger and Ferguson can point to huge success in […]