O’Neill ready to stand up to Liverpool again

Martin O’Neill has said he will not take a Liverpool bid for his services lying down.  The Irishman was named as 6/4 favourite for the manager’s role at Anfield after Rafa Benitez left by mutual consent on Thursday. But after rebuffing repeated attempts by Liverpool to sign his captain Gareth Barry in 2008 and 2009, […]

Five things: Schism, Jamie, James, Tony, Robbie

1. Rafa creates a schism Rafa Benitez is not going through anything right now that his peers haven’t already endured.  An historical look through the message boards and football websites will show many calls for the heads of Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger during their teams leaner days.  Manchester United went three seasons without a title […]

Five things: Crouchy, Allen, Rafa, Boro, Rowlands

1. Return of the Robot Should players never be allowed to party? Tottenham players Peter Crouch and Jonathan Woodgate were pictured dancing to what looked like two complete different songs last weekend, leaving manager Harry Redknapp a bit miffed.  Redknapp does not mind players having a few quiet drinks but does not want them “rolling out of […]

Five things: County, Sol, Wiley, Rafa, FIFA

Luvfooty brings you what we hope will be at least a new weekly feature where we make a brief analysis of five current football stories out there.  We’re good like that. 1. Notts County reveal the man who wasn’t there Pakistani businessman Anwar Shafi has denied any involvement with League Two side Notts County in […]

2009/10 Premier League favourites: Liverpool?

I know the Internet is full of trolls – people who deliberately post inciting messages just to get attention and a reaction. Usually these messages contain outrageous claims and opinions that are clearly extremist for the shock value.  But sometimes, while obvously still troll-esque, they contain opinions that have a mainstream following and do have […]

‘Arry and other things

‘Arry Just on a side note, a radio bulletin this morning claimed that ‘Arry Redknapp is chasing his “fourth consecutive win” as Spurs manager against Dinamo Zagreb.  I ignored the obvious mistake and a few hours later after realising it was wrong they changed it to “third consecutive win”.  So I texted the radio station […]

Random football comment

Well, it’s not entirely random.  It will be thought-out and specifically about certain events or people. Mad Rafa He’s still bleating on about not being able to sign Gareth Barry.  It seems the board do not share his view that Gareth Barry is good value for money and don’t believe that he is needed to […]

The Rafa Con Carnage

Another season over for Rafa Benitez and, unlike two of the other three, it won’t result in a Champions League final appearance. Meanwhile, in the league, Liverpool have again been playing catch-up, unable to effectively challenge big-spending Champions League finalists Chelsea and Manchester United or indeed the more modestly assembled Arsenal. He was in uncharacteristically […]

New characters set for grimy, northern soap opera

NEW CHARACTERS SET FOR GRIMY, NORTHERN SOAP OPERA The long-running soap opera Newcastle United FC may have been ignored once again at the recent British Soap Awards but major storyline twists could see it finally in the shake-up next season.  Gruff northener Big Sam has taken on day-to-day management of the football club while flash […]

Tedious long ball manager quits French club

TEDIOUS LONG BALL MANAGER QUITS FRENCH CLUB As a manager who has won three French titles, three French Super Cups, two English League Cups, the English FA Cup, the Charity Shield, the UEFA Cup, the European Super Cup, the Subbuteo Challenge (Merseyside regional finals) and A Hastily Arranged Five-a-Side In The Local Park Of Which […]