Newcastle performance is early setback for AVB

Spurs carried on much in the vein of how they ended last season – with a whimper. An opening day defeat at St James’ Sports Direct Park might not seem particularly newsworthy but for new boss Andre Villas-Boas it represented something of a setback. Much is made of Villas-Boas’ tactical nuances – the defensive high line, […]

Five things: Schism, Jamie, James, Tony, Robbie

1. Rafa creates a schism Rafa Benitez is not going through anything right now that his peers haven’t already endured.  An historical look through the message boards and football websites will show many calls for the heads of Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger during their teams leaner days.  Manchester United went three seasons without a title […]

Something for nothing

The post-Bosman transfer system is a complete boon for those club chairman horrified by the wages that average players command these days.  With June 30th heralding the end of many Premier League contracts, here are some available players that might interest thrifty managers. Jermaine Pennant (Right winger, released by Liverpool) I’ve never quite understood the […]

A Smidgen of Credit for ‘Arry

A smidgen of credit for ‘Arry Yeah I was f’n and blindin’ ‘Arry three months ago.  Deservedly so, I think.  Now, Spurs are well clear of relegation and a point off seventh place and a place in Europe so I look somewhat “wrong”.  Right?  Well, not quite.  I did say at the end of the […]

Making a bad situation worse

Newcastle are nothing if not consistent; consistently disappointing on the pitch, consistently failing to reward their fans and consistently tripping over themselves in public. The latest faux pas is a public broadside, launched on their website, aimed at former boss Kevin Keegan.  Keegan maintains that he could not manage while the board continued to interfere […]

Magpies discuss Barton future

Man U News In other news, the transfer merry-go-round continues.  Man U think they might fancy a bit of Colombian striker Falcao for £15m rather than shell out £30m for proven Premiership player Dimitar Berbatov.  Clearly the Diego Forlan fiasco didn’t dent Sir Fergie’s faith in South American strikers. Perhaps more worryingly for Fergie is […]

The Bottle of Becks

THE BOTTLE OF BECKS Comedian Rob Newman ridiculed former England manager Graham Taylor in the early ninties by assuming his comical accent and uttering “we mustn’t underestimate the Estonians”.  In response to his own character assassination the funnyman countered that we must underestimate the Estonians: send out slx players, not even wearing the proper kit […]

New characters set for grimy, northern soap opera

NEW CHARACTERS SET FOR GRIMY, NORTHERN SOAP OPERA The long-running soap opera Newcastle United FC may have been ignored once again at the recent British Soap Awards but major storyline twists could see it finally in the shake-up next season.  Gruff northener Big Sam has taken on day-to-day management of the football club while flash […]