Group of Death Part 390548

Fickle Football brings out the fickleness in us all. All it can take is a few poor performances from our favourite player or some strange tactical decisions from the incumbant manager to persuade us that perhaps our instincts about the individual were wrong. Forced out When Mick McCarthy was forced out of his job as […]

Get Real!

Doldrums You would be hard pressed to justify the opinion that Jack Charlton’s success with the Irish team was a double-edged sword. For all the glorious years we spent near the top of world football, the relative doldrums we have experienced since 1995 have been a real come down for the fans. Only for those […]

Don’t the fans matter anymore?

Other side of the world After six months of silence, I’m back to really bug you all with self-righteous opinions and the arrogant sway of someone who reckons the world revolves around them. But that’s enough about Roy Keane. I’ve been quiet due to a relocation on the other side of the world – New […]

Now the hard work begins

Going Dutch On the same day that England recorded their astonishing 5-1 win away to the old enemy in Germany, another international team were turning heads with an equally memorable result. While superstars such as Beckham, Campbell, Owen and Heskey spectacularly annhilated the Germans, the moderate talents of Kilbane, Dunne, McAteer and Finnan led 10-man […]