Hey Luka, let’s take a walk

Hey Luka, let’s take a walk Bit embarrassing for Spurs to see the phrase ‘Levy threatened me’ in the headlines today.  Luka Modric insists that not only has Spurs chairman Daniel Levy reneged on an agreement to consider any bid from a “bigger club”, but he also “threatened” to leave Modric in the stands or […]

Winners and Losers of 2004

Tottenham Hotspur – the winners and losers of 2004 What a year for Tottenham. I suppose what I mean by that is that it was the usual, mid-table, boring, predictable year for Tottenham. Just like every year there were some good and bad points, some heroes and villains – some winners and losers. The Winners […]

A Jacques Resignation

Crisis? Jacques Santini’s surprise resignation from Spurs on Friday 5th November was a reminder to all us fans that our club is one great big, living, breathing crisis. But how much of a crisis is it? Santini Santini arrived just before Euro 2004, appointed by Sporting Director, Frank Arnesen. Former RKC Waalwijk manager, Martin Jol, […]