Winners and Losers of 2004

Tottenham Hotspur – the winners and losers of 2004 What a year for Tottenham. I suppose what I mean by that is that it was the usual, mid-table, boring, predictable year for Tottenham. Just like every year there were some good and bad points, some heroes and villains – some winners and losers. The Winners […]

Doctor, the vital signs are good

Surgery ‘Nurse, how are the patients vital signs?’ ‘They are very weak doctor, I think we’re going to lose him….!’ ‘Wait a second, I’ve got it…organisation, commitment, self-belief…yes, I think we’re going to save him!!!!’ ‘Doctor Graham, you’ve staved off disaster! Congratulations…’ Erm, hello? Ok, so what am I talking about? I’m talking about the […]