It’s Owen Hargreaves, not Jimmy Greaves

IT’S OWEN HARGREAVES, NOT JIMMY GREAVES Manchester United’s highly perceptive fans are renowned the world over for their accurate football analysis.  They have spent much of the last few years rightly denouncing their over-the-hill Premiership-winning manager, writing the club’s eptiaph after the Glazer takeover and correctly predicted that United would win nothing with the likes […]

Warning signs

Warning signs It didn’t take long for the warning signs to start flashing in a bright neon fashion. Spurs dour 0-0 draw at Blackburn might look like a point gained but ironically it could be the fact that they got the point rather than lost the game that points towards some deeper problems. They say […]

Spurs Season Preview 2005/06

Motto My motto in life (and indeed it’ll be my epitaph) is never to be expect too much, rarely look on the bright side and don’t wash behind your ears because no one ever checks (so much wasted time as a child). As the brand new, predictable, but addictive, Premiership season gets ready to launch, […]

Winners and Losers of 2004

Tottenham Hotspur – the winners and losers of 2004 What a year for Tottenham. I suppose what I mean by that is that it was the usual, mid-table, boring, predictable year for Tottenham. Just like every year there were some good and bad points, some heroes and villains – some winners and losers. The Winners […]

The Fate of Five

Managers Football is so dramatic, isn’t it? If it’s not the referees, it’s the players. If it’s not the directors, it’s the fans. But one person who is nearly always involved is the manager. And here’s five men who have been in the news recently. Redknapp For once I’m not going to talk about lovely […]

A Jacques Resignation

Crisis? Jacques Santini’s surprise resignation from Spurs on Friday 5th November was a reminder to all us fans that our club is one great big, living, breathing crisis. But how much of a crisis is it? Santini Santini arrived just before Euro 2004, appointed by Sporting Director, Frank Arnesen. Former RKC Waalwijk manager, Martin Jol, […]

Managerial Shenanegans at the Lane (again)

In the frame After the well-thought out (sarcasm), yet utterly deserved sacking of Glenn Hoddle, Spurs are once again on the hunt for a new manager. David Pleat filled the gap rather dismally for eight months and after the appointment of Frank Arnesen as sporting director, and the shipping out of Pleat, Spurs fans are […]