Regarding Harry

The backlash against Spurs is increasing amongst the minions.  That’s nothing I didn’t expect.  The charges that they spent their way in to the position they are in so “fourth place is the least they should expect” is a bit like the charge I made when Spurs would routinely lose to top four sides over […]

The “narrowed gap” widens again

Make believe versus real life You know how it is – third round league cup game and you’ve got one eye on Europe or getting promotion.  You put a couple of squad players in, play your expensive reserve striker, give your backup keeper a game, put the highly rated 19 year old winger in the […]

Is Hodgson’s move bad all round?

I don’t know why I held off writing this piece when Roy Hodgson’s move to Liverpool has been the worst kept secret since Dickie Rock removed his wig. Liverpool announced today that the former Fulham boss signed a three-year deal to become their new manager and his first task will be to convince the club’s […]

‘An ‘Apology to ‘Arry

Dogma. A settled or established opinion, belief, or principle. I had a dogmatic belief that Harry Redknapp was bad news for Tottenham.  I told you in October 2008, January 2009 and had a good go him and our flops after the embarrassment of a 2-3 League Cup defeat to Burnley.  By April 2009 I offered him a smidgen of credit but it […]

Five things: Coyle, Sir, Leeds, ‘Arry, Europa

1. Coyle springs in to action Is it a sideways move for Owen Coyle to join Bolton from Burnley, a stepping stone to bigger things (Aston Villa, eventually?) or is the young manager destined to bounce around teams like Burnley, Bolton, Blackburn and Birmingham until he joins long-term unemployed such as Roy Evans, David O’Leary […]

Tottenham transfer window round-up: “Meh”

In a blog earlier this week I bigged up Tottenham’s chances of netting Niko Kranjcar and Martin Petrov while nervously hoping that we’d avoid an ‘Arry brain-fart and sign David James.  Two from three ain’t bad. Kranjcar was signed for a curiously small £2.5m while David James remained at Portsmouth as he was apparently not the […]

Can ‘Arry find the balance?

You wonder how many seasons Spurs can possibly begin without a left midfielder. There were flirtations with naturally left-sided players like Timothe Atouba and Reto Ziegler but they simply didn’t make the grade. We’ve seen Aaron Lennon, David Bentley and Luka Modric play there without much impact and even Robbie Keane made the odd appearance […]

A Smidgen of Credit for ‘Arry

A smidgen of credit for ‘Arry Yeah I was f’n and blindin’ ‘Arry three months ago.  Deservedly so, I think.  Now, Spurs are well clear of relegation and a point off seventh place and a place in Europe so I look somewhat “wrong”.  Right?  Well, not quite.  I did say at the end of the […]

Some transfer targets for ‘Arry

Hey ‘Arry, rather than chuck away £25m on Defoe and Palacios, why not bid for these guys? Even this one would be an improvement. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy the entire first team squad – we can always bargain with any old tat we have lying around.

Redknapp – another failure for Spurs

There’s been no pretence on my part to like Harry Redknapp.  For me his tenure at Spurs is like giving a market trader a job at ‘Arrods.  In an earlier blog I lamented his appointment with observation such as “he’s crass, rarely takes a defeat on the chin without having a go at a referee […]