Better a nearly season than a nothing season

1986/87 – the David Pleat year, five in midfield, 49 goals for Clive, semi-finals, finals and replays, and Diamond Lights. But it all went wrong. Within a few months Pleat was gone (possibly off to start his degree in “Mispronouncing Footballer’s Names”) and Tottenham graduated to financial difficulty and 20 years of mediocrity. That was very […]

Beckham celebrity won’t fit at Tottenham

It was a relief to hear Harry Redknapp somewhat playing down the likelihood of David Beckham moving  to Tottenham for a few months. If it is a very short-term thing it can be a problem.  If we are only talking eight or nine games by the time we get him ready, it is a difficult […]

Winners and Losers of 2004

Tottenham Hotspur – the winners and losers of 2004 What a year for Tottenham. I suppose what I mean by that is that it was the usual, mid-table, boring, predictable year for Tottenham. Just like every year there were some good and bad points, some heroes and villains – some winners and losers. The Winners […]

The Fate of Five

Managers Football is so dramatic, isn’t it? If it’s not the referees, it’s the players. If it’s not the directors, it’s the fans. But one person who is nearly always involved is the manager. And here’s five men who have been in the news recently. Redknapp For once I’m not going to talk about lovely […]

Managerial Shenanegans at the Lane (again)

In the frame After the well-thought out (sarcasm), yet utterly deserved sacking of Glenn Hoddle, Spurs are once again on the hunt for a new manager. David Pleat filled the gap rather dismally for eight months and after the appointment of Frank Arnesen as sporting director, and the shipping out of Pleat, Spurs fans are […]

Better the devil you know?

Finger pointing There’s a lot of finger pointing and blame apportioning (is that a word?) going on at White Hart Lane. As the 2003/4 season looks more and more like being the worst one since the 70s, everyone is looking for a scapegoat. The board are the latest to feel the heat as Spurs sank […]

With or without you

Rebuild As another disappointing season comes to a close, there is one major question that is on the lips of some Spurs fans – well me anyway. Glenn Hoddle – do we rebuild with, or without him? There have been a lot of excuses made for Glenn, and some might say that he deserves to […]

101 ways to hate your manager

Celebrate. Come on. My fiftieth column should be a happy occasion. A ticker tape procession, a deluge of well-wishers filling up column inches in your regular tabloid. ‘He’s always been a light in the sea of dark,’ said one fictitious well-known actor. ‘He scares the bejaysus out of your average commentator,’ uttered one non-existent journalist. […]

What the Hod is going on?

Absence Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say. Well after ten months living in the rather physically and socially isolated environment of New Zealand, I think I can safely say that this is a load of bollocks. Moving 20,000km away from Spurs manager Glenn Hoddle has not made me any more accepting of him […]

Food for thought

Appetite I used to have a big ravenous appetite. I mean I would eat until the cows came home, put on their slippers, watched some TV and went to bed. It was scary. But now I have a new diet, eat less, and eat better. So this is not easy for me -I’ve got a […]