Random football comment

Well, it’s not entirely random.  It will be thought-out and specifically about certain events or people. Mad Rafa He’s still bleating on about not being able to sign Gareth Barry.  It seems the board do not share his view that Gareth Barry is good value for money and don’t believe that he is needed to […]

The unlikely reconciliation

This “contract” thing It was intriguing to watch Gareth Barry return to first team duties for Aston Villa this weekend given the seemingly burnt bridges that existed between the two parties.  Barry made a determination to leave when he heard that Liverpool were interested and openly critcised manager Matin O’Neill in the media. This led […]

Kaizer Chiefs v Man United

How hard can it be?  At least Michael Carrick might look useful. The Gareth Barry Mess The red tops have been ensuring that they have had something to write about this summer by updating us daily on the Rafalution.  Incase you fell asleep, here it is in a nutshell. Rafa winks at Gareth. Martin tells […]

Barry gets day off

Nice work if you can get it If I slagged off my boss in the media I’d probably get little understanding – maybe even the bullet.  What does Gareth Barry get?  A day off! The versatile mid-table defender-cum-midfielder has been told to stay away from the training ground and fined an obscene amount of money […]

Back to crazy pre-season transfer nonsense

Not that Keane I’ve never been a big fan of Rafa Benitez.  He’s your typical big-four manager: always moaning, blames referees for bad results and a bit of a spoofer.  The patchiness of his transfer record is up there with the best of them but while Wenger and Ferguson can point to huge success in […]

Did the best team win?

Of course they did… The Chelsea revival might have looked solid in terms of results but they rarely strung together a good 90 minutes under Grant. They were quite fortunate against United, second-best at Newcastle until they scored, failed to beat Wigan (the result which pretty much derailed their title aspirations) or deal convincgly with […]

News Ticker Thoughts [21 Apr 2008]

The Premiership Party Carlos Tevez did an Eric Cantona this weekend: popping up with a vital goal after an undistinguished display a la the Frenchman’s final season in football. The late equaliser at Blackburn could be the goal that will win the title at United. Even if Chelsea beat them 5-0 at Stamford Bridge, two […]