An insidious package

Defenders of Luis Suarez blame everybody but him for the challenges he faces: it’s the media’s fault, it’s Evra’s fault. It’s not – it’s Suarez’s fault. He talks about his treatment at the hands of the press, how he can’t even walk his baby. But Suarez has brought all of this on himself. Does Sergio […]

The Carlos Tevez Ruling Remixed

I was reading an article about today’s ruling in the Sheffield United v West Ham/Carlos Tevez affair and was interested to read several responses from the general public.  In a nutshell the issue was that Sheffield United were well clear of West Ham in the battle to stave off relegation until Carlos Tevez hit a […]

Soccer is dramatic: the evidence!

I realise that football (or “soccer” as I’ve indentified it in the subject line for those more familiar with that tag) is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is widely recognised as the most popular sport in the world but it’s popularity is considered to be divided along the lines of geography, sex and class. […]