A critical eye on the latest transfer nonsense

First off we have some hyperbole from Carlos Tevez. “I did not feel supported after they signed Berbatov…I gave my life for the Manchester United shirt” No, clearly you didn’t. Dimitar Berbatov has become a hate figure for many United fans, the Emmanuel Eboue of Old Trafford.  He’s going to feel the abuse more intensely next […]

A Smidgen of Credit for ‘Arry

A smidgen of credit for ‘Arry Yeah I was f’n and blindin’ ‘Arry three months ago.  Deservedly so, I think.  Now, Spurs are well clear of relegation and a point off seventh place and a place in Europe so I look somewhat “wrong”.  Right?  Well, not quite.  I did say at the end of the […]

Keane and Berbatov: The Story So Far

Spurs fans were up in arms when Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov decided they could better themselves elsewhere this summer.  Indeed they were chosen by two of the most famous clubs in the world, Liverpool and Manchester United respectively. So for a combined outlay of over £50m, let’s see what the major players have gotten […]

The Eleventh Hour

As the old block of cheese – which has been holding the transfer window open – gets chewed by some vermin, I’ve decided to have a look at some of the recent deals and evaluate what they might mean for the clubs involved. Confirmed Andriy Shevchenko (Chelsea – AC Milan, loan) Well, that didn’t work.  […]

More on the Bore-batov saga

You’ll hear several different stories about what really happened on Saturday.  Some say that Dimitar Berbatov considered himself mentally unfit to play; others say that it was the manager who dropped him from the match day squad due to his attitude and state-of-mind. One thing is for sure, if Berbatov’s move to Manchester United does […]

Random football comment

Well, it’s not entirely random.  It will be thought-out and specifically about certain events or people. Mad Rafa He’s still bleating on about not being able to sign Gareth Barry.  It seems the board do not share his view that Gareth Barry is good value for money and don’t believe that he is needed to […]

Kaizer Chiefs v Man United

How hard can it be?  At least Michael Carrick might look useful. The Gareth Barry Mess The red tops have been ensuring that they have had something to write about this summer by updating us daily on the Rafalution.  Incase you fell asleep, here it is in a nutshell. Rafa winks at Gareth. Martin tells […]

Tottenham Transfer Window Round Up

As explained in the “about” page, I’m a Tottenham fan so occasionally there will be a “Tottenham-focus”.  Like right now.  Let’s take a peek at the top ten rumours surrounding players coming-and-going from White Hart Lane. Heading for the exit? Younes Kaboul (to Portsmouth, £6m) Kaboul became the fall guy last season – and with […]

Tedious long ball manager quits French club

TEDIOUS LONG BALL MANAGER QUITS FRENCH CLUB As a manager who has won three French titles, three French Super Cups, two English League Cups, the English FA Cup, the Charity Shield, the UEFA Cup, the European Super Cup, the Subbuteo Challenge (Merseyside regional finals) and A Hastily Arranged Five-a-Side In The Local Park Of Which […]