Welcome to Manchester

It appears Alex Ferguson has lost his sense of humour somewhere along the way.  Yes, the lovable uncle who brought us running jokes like “flexible added on time when United are losing” and “signing crap midfielders” has been lashing out repeatedly at his now-rich footballing neighbours, (Manchester) City. Last week he gave his opinion on […]

The Carlos Tevez Ruling Remixed

I was reading an article about today’s ruling in the Sheffield United v West Ham/Carlos Tevez affair and was interested to read several responses from the general public.  In a nutshell the issue was that Sheffield United were well clear of West Ham in the battle to stave off relegation until Carlos Tevez hit a […]

The unlikely reconciliation

This “contract” thing It was intriguing to watch Gareth Barry return to first team duties for Aston Villa this weekend given the seemingly burnt bridges that existed between the two parties.  Barry made a determination to leave when he heard that Liverpool were interested and openly critcised manager Matin O’Neill in the media. This led […]

All for one…

What price loyalty? What’s going on?  Lampard wants to walk out on Chelsea, Ronaldo feels Man United owe him after he won every title for them single-handedly, Robbie Keane has decided to go back on his desire to “finish his career with Spurs” and Emmanuel Adebayor – after a good half season – reckons he’s […]