Wenger only ever one game from crisis

An Arsenal title challenge has been long off the table but only the most pessimistic fan won’t have been buoyed by their emphatic thrashing of hopeless Blackburn.  I’m not sure I’d say it’s “been on the cards” but, at their best, Arsenal are the most fluid of the chasing pack.  Sadly they are rarely at […]

The “narrowed gap” widens again

Make believe versus real life You know how it is – third round league cup game and you’ve got one eye on Europe or getting promotion.  You put a couple of squad players in, play your expensive reserve striker, give your backup keeper a game, put the highly rated 19 year old winger in the […]

Almuniating comments

Monday 2nd August I don’t need to convince anybody – I just do my job.  I have a couple more years on my contract and that’s it, I’m an Arsenal player. – Manuel Almunia: Sunday 15th August Monday 16th August To be honest, it is so difficult to concentrate because Arsenal is a big club […]

A Smidgen of Credit for ‘Arry

A smidgen of credit for ‘Arry Yeah I was f’n and blindin’ ‘Arry three months ago.  Deservedly so, I think.  Now, Spurs are well clear of relegation and a point off seventh place and a place in Europe so I look somewhat “wrong”.  Right?  Well, not quite.  I did say at the end of the […]

‘Arry and other things

‘Arry Just on a side note, a radio bulletin this morning claimed that ‘Arry Redknapp is chasing his “fourth consecutive win” as Spurs manager against Dinamo Zagreb.  I ignored the obvious mistake and a few hours later after realising it was wrong they changed it to “third consecutive win”.  So I texted the radio station […]

They can’t even manage that

Manager blues We’re less than a month into the new Premiership season and already the patterns for the season are being set. Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are oozing the usual nauseating class and quality; Aston Villa, Spurs, Everton, Liverpool, West Ham, Leeds and Middelsboro are chasing gallantly with mid-table signs already evident, and Newcastle, […]