The Great Predictor (oooh, nooo)

What a tournament! It’s not just the surprises that has been the making of the 2002 World Cup. Well okay, it has I suppose. While the illustrious talents of Zidane, Crespo and Petit have been licking their wounds, glory has been the keyword for the likes of unemployed defender Gary Breen, the Premiership player that […]

Who will be big in Japan?

Where it all began It was World Cup 1998 where I first began writing these occasional columns, in fact it is probably the most negative fact to come out of the whole experience. So here we are once again. Who will win? Who will be the stars? Who will be the turkeys? And how many […]

Don’t the fans matter anymore?

Other side of the world After six months of silence, I’m back to really bug you all with self-righteous opinions and the arrogant sway of someone who reckons the world revolves around them. But that’s enough about Roy Keane. I’ve been quiet due to a relocation on the other side of the world – New […]


The Draw What were you doing at ten a.m. on Saturday morning? Probably sleeping off Friday night, like me. Meanwhile, in the Far East, a number of FIFA officials and pretty Oriental women were helping to decide what sort of summer Irish and English fans were likely to have. As it turned out, the 2002 […]