Nous gagnons le Coupe de Monde!

Soothsayer, I ain’t A more continental feel to The Way I See It… this week. Hope you are all suitably impressed. Ok, ok. I hold my hands up in surrender and admit that I couldn’t predict a one-horse race. The team who were ‘head and shoulders above everyone else’ crumbled in the face of the […]

Mad Dutch and Englishmen

Four to go… An obscene number of countries embarked on the 1998 World Cup road and only four remain. By this time next week the 1998 World Cup champions will be crowned. Brazil, Holland, France and Croatia are the challengers and the winners may be harder to predict that you might think. Four weeks ago […]

Who’s a pretty boy then?

My Mixed Bag Two weeks into the World Cup and needless to say my tips of a fortnight ago resulted in mixed success. On the negative side there are the laboured attempts of both Norway and Spain to get out of their respective groups. Norway really blew it against a poor Morroccon team and then […]

On top of the world?

Here we go… When trying to choose a title for my own column it was difficult to find something that hadn’t already been chosen elsewhere on the Internet. The title had to display characteristics of opinion and originality. Eventually I gained inspiration from a familiar source: the lyric sheet of Steven Tyler. From his composition, […]