The Premier League Season Prediction Extravaganza – Part 5: Champions and the Chasing Pack

Continuation from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. 4 Liverpool I know the joke about Liverpool fans spending 20 years saying “this could be our year” has run its course now, but there is a definite optimism surrounding Anfield this season after the appointment of budget tiki-taka master, Brendan Rodgers. There has been a decent outlay […]


Independence, Limited

More hate being directed Spurs way in recent days with the keyboard warriors taking to their weapon of choice to berate Spurs (in general) and Gareth Bale (in particular). Bale’s crimes are to (a) be a bit of a diver (true) (b) look like a chimp (yeah, classy commentary there, ironically, from neanderthals) (c) complain […]

Official’s aberration or not, Spurs are lacking

Scapegoat In football it’s always good to have a scapegoat. For managers it is usually the referee, sometimes the media or – if you’re Kenny Dalglish – the shadowy hand of conspiracy. For players it is typically the referee, sometimes the manager. For fans it is mostly the referee, sometimes the board, the manager, the […]

Four suggestions to help Spurs move forward

After a year away, Tottenham are poised to return to the Champions League next season.  Or at least they will do if they perform in their final seven – mostly winnable – games of the season.  Disarray at Liverpool and rebuilding at Chelsea have opened the door for Redknapp and Co and it’s an opportunity they […]

Redknapp – a victim of his own success?

It’s only something of a straw poll, but my observation is that Spurs fans are split on the Harry Redknapp question. Redknapp has brought the club from the bottom of the league to the Champions League and now somewhat ensconced in the top three in little over three years. So why on earth would there […]