Selling viruses and spineless sackings

“I wouldn’t sell a virus to that mob” – Alex Ferguson on his relationship with Ronaldo-suitors, Real Madrid Does anyone outside of Glasgow inner-city suburbs know what that even means?  You won’t sell a virus?  Unless it’s in the hands of terrorists a virus is hardly a commodity. “It is spineless, the man who employed […]

Beckham is no Kaka

Yes, this is headline news. I wrote way back in June 1998 about Mr Beckham and the “overratedness” of the then-foetal brand.  I think time has gone on to show him to be the fourth best of the famous Man U midfield quartet behind Keane, Giggs and Scholes (in that order). In that ten year […]

West Ham guilty, rubbish Tottenham and blind refs

As I write this blog in the company cafeteria, a long-haired techie is filling the otherwise-silent ambience with a string of confident babble about some multi-ring network stretching from Dublin to California via Virginia or something like that.  It’s all a bit of an exercise in self-satisfaction. A bit like the way this blog is […]

News Ticker Thoughts [21 Apr 2008]

The Premiership Party Carlos Tevez did an Eric Cantona this weekend: popping up with a vital goal after an undistinguished display a la the Frenchman’s final season in football. The late equaliser at Blackburn could be the goal that will win the title at United. Even if Chelsea beat them 5-0 at Stamford Bridge, two […]

EPL Review [02 Mar 2008]

Champions league chase Even though the media like to paint the chase for the Champions League spot as an open battle between three teams, in reality Liverpool are likely to predictably claim it. The reason? Benitez has finally started playing his key players in league games. Reina, Carragher, Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano and Torres all started […]

The Wednesday Newsround [13 Feb 2008]!

I was on the tread for 30 minutes this morning, Sky Sports News ticker on the screen in front of me displaying some amazing BREAKING NEWS: Didi Hamann has signed a one year extension at Manchester City. Seriously, non stop for 30 minutes and beyond, that was the most exciting thing that happened in world […]