The “narrowed gap” widens again

Make believe versus real life You know how it is – third round league cup game and you’ve got one eye on Europe or getting promotion. ¬†You put a couple of squad players in, play your expensive reserve striker, give your backup keeper a game, put the highly rated 19 year old winger in the […]

Who is the Chelsea manager?

It was mildly amusing to me when I found myself flying during the Carling Cup final on Sunday, missing Spurs 2-1 win over Chelsea. The last time they were in the final – the 2002 defeat to Blackburn – I also found myself 38,000 feet over ground. I’ve just booked flights to co-incide with the […]

Showing us the Wembley Way

I’m so excited It seems like ages since we all talked. How you been? Good! Well I’ve been pretty good too (my apologies to those who have been having a shit time of it recently). The most recent developments was of course the cementing of Spurs first cup final in 8 years. The feeling of […]