Eighty Two: My first World Cup and why it was awesome

When I heard Richard Sadlier and Ken Early on @SecondCaptains talking about how their first World Cup memories were 1990, I felt very grateful that even though only five years their senior, I can still vividly recall golden moments from the 1982 World Cup. I’d only recorded eight years on the odometer at that point […]

Independence, Limited

More hate being directed Spurs way in recent days with the keyboard warriors taking to their weapon of choice to berate Spurs (in general) and Gareth Bale (in particular). Bale’s crimes are to (a) be a bit of a diver (true) (b) look like a chimp (yeah, classy commentary there, ironically, from neanderthals) (c) complain […]

Suarez blackens name for good of country

It’s certainly not easy to care about Uruguay’s Luis Suarez, a man who spent the world cup tumbling every time I walked near the television. But his controversial handball that effectively denied Ghana a place in the tournament semi-finals has mobilised a call to ban the player from the final/third place play-off and even extreme suggestions such as […]

What’s next for England’s ageing squad?

There’s always going to be some knee-jerk in the wake of a humbling tournament exit.  But as discussed in my previous post this is not just about getting caught on the break a couple of times and being victim of a gross officiating mistake.  Joe Cole, who originally predicted that England could win the tournament  (and […]

Injustice can’t overshadow England’s failure

I said yesterday that England needed to produce a credible performance to match the bold claims made by the likes of David James and Joe Cole.  They didn’t.  What they produced against Germany was as bad if not worse than the display against Algeria.  The stats might show that England had more possession and more shots […]

English need credible performance to back up confidence

For a group of players that were highly fortunate to make it out of their “easy” group it’s admirable to hear how confident England are ahead of their second round World Cup clash with Germany. First/second/third (delete as applicable) choice goalkeeper David James believes that England are the better team: …I think we’re a better […]

Athletes versus Footballers

As a talisman they don’t get much more intimidating than Wayne Rooney.  But even England’s front man seemed to wave a white flag after losing yet another fifty-fifty in last night’s dire draw with Algeria. I was set to put a tenner on the temperamental striker seeing red when it was obvious his side’s second […]

Five things: Mancity, Zola, predictors, Henry, Hibs

After a few months off for ‘logistical’ reasons, Five Things returns with absolutely nothing new to say at all. 1. Roberto Mancity Bloody foreigners, coming over here, stealing our women and jobs. I’m not sure if Mrs Hughes was part of the deal but Roberto Mancini certainly did take Mark’s job at Manchester City. The […]

Five things: Crouchy, Allen, Rafa, Boro, Rowlands

1. Return of the Robot Should players never be allowed to party? Tottenham players Peter Crouch and Jonathan Woodgate were pictured dancing to what looked like two complete different songs last weekend, leaving manager Harry Redknapp a bit miffed.  Redknapp does not mind players having a few quiet drinks but does not want them “rolling out of […]

Five things: Trap, Barnes, McParland, Rio, Rooney

1. “Disgraceful” play-offs for Ireland I wouldn’t say Ireland particularly deserved to beat a tidy but unambitious Italian side at Croke Park on Saturday night but it was still a huge disappointment not to be able to hold on to a 2-1 lead for three minutes.  Mind you considering the luck that manager Trapattoni has […]