Unfortunate timing or consequence of action?

While it might seem unfortunate timing for Liverpool that one of their fans has been arrested over alleged racist abuse, there are bound to be arguments that the club’s behaviour over the past couple of months fueled the situation.  The staunch defence of Luis Suarez – a player who admitted to and was found guilty of […]

Five things: Coyle, Sir, Leeds, ‘Arry, Europa

1. Coyle springs in to action Is it a sideways move for Owen Coyle to join Bolton from Burnley, a stepping stone to bigger things (Aston Villa, eventually?) or is the young manager destined to bounce around teams like Burnley, Bolton, Blackburn and Birmingham until he joins long-term unemployed such as Roy Evans, David O’Leary […]

Beckham is no Kaka

Yes, this is headline news. I wrote way back in June 1998 about Mr Beckham and the “overratedness” of the then-foetal brand.  I think time has gone on to show him to be the fourth best of the famous Man U midfield quartet behind Keane, Giggs and Scholes (in that order). In that ten year […]

The Chelsea revival – in spite of themselves

What a week for Av Grant and his Chelsea stars. Following John Arne Riise’s spectacularly funny 95th minute own-goal last Tuesday – a goal that made Chelsea slight favourites to reach the Champions League final – they recorded a just-about deserved league win over Manchester United on Saturday. It was a predictable sight for sore […]

News Ticker Thoughts [21 Apr 2008]

The Premiership Party Carlos Tevez did an Eric Cantona this weekend: popping up with a vital goal after an undistinguished display a la the Frenchman’s final season in football. The late equaliser at Blackburn could be the goal that will win the title at United. Even if Chelsea beat them 5-0 at Stamford Bridge, two […]

The Life of Whine

So much to talk about this about this week. The comical power-struggle at Liverpool reached new heights when chief executive Rick Parry found out about co-owner Tom Hicks’ demand that he resign, on Sky Sports. The other co-owner (for you can’t have one with the other) defended Rick (is that any name for a chief […]

English domination is lucrative, even in defeat

Sky have just signed a £240m deal with UEFA to screen more Champions League games than ever from 2009 to 2012.  Under the terms of the deal they will now show qualifiers live (we’re all looking forward to F91 Dudelange versus MSK Zilina) and only one game will be made available to terrestrial TV viewers […]

Group of Death Part 390548

Fickle Football brings out the fickleness in us all. All it can take is a few poor performances from our favourite player or some strange tactical decisions from the incumbant manager to persuade us that perhaps our instincts about the individual were wrong. Forced out When Mick McCarthy was forced out of his job as […]

The Way I See the Premiership 2003/4

Premiership season preview It’s that time of year again – the one where I show myself to be the worst predictor since Nostradamus. So in alphabetical order here is how I see the league turning out. Arsenal Last season (LS): 2nd In: Phillippe Senderos (Servette, undisc.), Gael Clichy (Cannes, £250,000), Jens Lehmann (Borussia Dortmund, £1.5m). […]

On top of the world?

Here we go… When trying to choose a title for my own column it was difficult to find something that hadn’t already been chosen elsewhere on the Internet. The title had to display characteristics of opinion and originality. Eventually I gained inspiration from a familiar source: the lyric sheet of Steven Tyler. From his composition, […]