Hey Luka, let’s take a walk

Hey Luka, let’s take a walk

Bit embarrassing for Spurs to see the phrase ‘Levy threatened me’ in the headlines today.  Luka Modric insists that not only has Spurs chairman Daniel Levy reneged on an agreement to consider any bid from a “bigger club”, but he also “threatened” to leave Modric in the stands or on the bench if he causes any trouble.  It brings to mind an image of a maniacal, trench coat-wearing Levy pointing a baseball bat at poor little Luka as he cowers in the corner in the new Spurs away kit.

I covered the topic before about how everyone shared a little bit of blame for this situation.  Modric and his agent may have asked for a minimum fee release clause when negotiating their new contract 12 months ago and were met with this reported verbal counter-offer from Levy.  Naive on their part to accept this – but then again they were happy at the time with the improved terms, signing-on fee and agent cut, no doubt.

Nevertheless, it looks like the damage is done and Spurs have little choice now but to move Modric on.  The bid, of course, is a joke.  When you consider that Manchester United paid £18m for a far inferior player five years ago, Spurs need to hold out for close to double that – or for a smaller amount and perhaps Drogba or Sturridge in exchange.  Personally I’d take both strikers with some cash.

What a Jonny

Probably made up, but some sites are reporting that Spurs want to take Northern Ireland international Jonny Evans from Old Trafford. Evans is an average player who was accidentally overrated as a result of looking competent while playing alongside top class players.  Anyone can have a good half-season (see Bentley, David) but the last 12 months has not been kind to Evans.  If he stays then he’ll probably become the new Wes Brown, filling in for unimportant games and the occasional appearance at right back.

While I’m at it can I nail my colours to the mast and say that I’m not buying in to this Danny Welbeck thing.  He’s someone who could end up having a decent Premier League career but it won’t be at Old Trafford (see Higginbotham, Danny or Campbell, Frazier).  I feel sorry for young players who have a couple of good games for United because they are instantly elevated way above their station.  For the record I see more potential in Federico Macheda although, like Giuseppi Rossi, he may make his name abroad.

Defending Liverpool

£16m or £20m, it's still a lot of money for Henderson.

I tend to delve in to the Football365 mailbox to find out what the fans are thinking and those of Liverpool have been vigorously defending their clubs transfer policy in recent days.

There is some scoffing from other team’s fans at the money paid for Jordan Henderson, Andy Carroll, the signing of Charlie Adam and the targeting of Stewart Downing.  One of the defences from Merseyside is that the £7-8m paid for Charlie Adam compares very favourably to the figure that Manchester United paid for Michael Carrick five years ago or that Fergie’s bit-part midfielder Anderson cost more than Jordan Henderson or that the purported £19m fee for Downing is not far off what Antonio Valencia cost United a few years ago.

But the comparisons don’t make much sense.  In the last Deloitte football finance report, United were shown to generate an annual revenue exceeding Liverpool’s by £100m.   Another year away from the Champions League means that the gap will only get wider.  Just because the Old Trafford club overpay for a player like Valencia or Anderson bears no relation to what Liverpool are doing.  After all, United could bring Garry Birtles out of retirement, pay him five million a year and still win the title.


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