‘Arry Bloody Redknapp!?

Oh dear.

There’s no doubt that Tottenham were a sinking ship under Junande Ramos, a man afflicted by an inability to motivate, organise or coach players effectively.  How he could go from being one of the top managers in Europe with consecutive European trophies to one floundering at the bottom of the Premiership and losing to a blunch of cloggers from Stoke?  That’s a mystery for another day.  I’m sure he’ll pick something up in La Liga pretty quick and be in the Champions League in the next two years.

It was a strange situation.  Tottenham were going nowhere under the Spaniard it seemed – each performance was as directionless as the one that preceded it.  Despite this the fans never turned on Ramos – they turned on Daniel Levy instead.  So obviously, like any good Chairman protecting his position, Levy felt compelled to drop the axe on everyone but himself.

It’s not just Ramos who has gone – Gus Poyet and Marcos Alvarez (not sure who he was) were sacked too.  And, very importantly, also shown the door was that bloody Director of Football thing, Damien Comolli.  Yes, the man who gave us Kevin Prince-Boateng and failed to replace Dimitar Berbatov got his marching orders.

So here we are, the same place we were at last year after a UEFA cup defeat.  The manager is sacked (at least not during a game this time) and a new man comes in with a squad of players lacking confidence and looking demotivated.  What a joke.

But the biggest joke is that it’s ‘Arry Redknapp taking the job.  The Terry Venables-wannabe has walked out on Portsmouth for the second time – they will be pleased I’m sure.  He’s crass, rarely takes a defeat on the chin without having a go at a referee and his record this season suggests that he might be no improvement over Martin Jol either – he has lost 4-0 to Chelsea (twice) and 6-0 to Man City.

He can still sue me so I will skirt over the various legal situations and rumours that have dogged him in recent years.

There is plenty more analysis to come but, suffice to say, any attempt to bring Tony Adams to White Hart Lane will not be a great way to start this off with a crowd who will be wholly sceptical.


8 thoughts on “‘Arry Bloody Redknapp!?

  1. Blimey. This is the first I’ve heard- no mention on SS or Motd.
    As you know I quite like Harry but I’m not sure he’ll be able to work the miracle that Spurs need. He’s no Phil Skolari.

    Portsmouth were doing pretty well under Rednapp – I mean you can’t paint them black cos David James had a couple of “off”weeks.The Defoe signing was a stroke of geniu.. oh

  2. Pompey finished the highest they ever finished and won the FA cup. Surely that’s some sort of accolade.
    Also ‘arry is a recovering Alcoholic I mean that takes strength.

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